Welcome Back to all you lovely sweet-readers!


This year I am aiming to take the group in a slightly different direction, as I am not only looking at keeping this as a book group, but also a resource to help me open the Sweet Reads book store!


After many years of consideration, and with a potential move back to Cardiff on the cards in the near future, I thought it was time to start looking into what people look for from a book shop.


I have always had a strong passion for reading and would quite happily spend most of my time with a good book. However! Over the last 10-15 years we have seen the demise of bookstores/bookshops, we have seen stores that were always classically about readers, move away from the scene and embrace the ever present e-Book.


For me this has never really been an option. I love the feel of a book, and the sense of accomplishment putting a book back on my shelf when I have finished gives. What can I say – I’m old fashioned.


There seems to be a bit of market trend turning point at the moment, however, with bibliophiles starting to go back to printed press over electronic.


So… I am looking for volunteers. People who would be willing to conduct short surveys with friends all over the country, and feedback to me.


These surveys would be 3-4 questions long and should only take a minute or two to complete -but what it will give me is priceless research into how to create the best bookshop for you all!


Please subscribe below if your happy to be involved!



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